HVAC Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of Air Handling Unit systems is vital to ensure optimum efficiency and zero downtime. Our maintenance team has the knowledge, experience and relevant maintenance and fault finding skills to maintain all AHU’s so that the optimum performance is achieved throughout each service interval. A detailed fully approved report is provided to all our clients at the end of the service visit detailing all checks and work completed.

Our services include:

  • A comprehensive check of all the major components of the AHU system including fans, motors, coils, drains, attenuators, filter frames, instruments, magnehelic gauges etc..
  • A thorough clean of all the AHU chambers.
  • A full pressure profile scan of the AHU’s.
  • Supply and replacement of filters, v-belts, pulleys, taperlocks, bearings, magnehelic gauges etc…
  • All materials used will be of the highest standard.